Monday, 8 March 2010

Buying Tights a Scary Thrill (the early years)

I remember when I was in my early 20's - I must admit to getting a sexual thrill from buying ladies tights knowing I'll be wearing them. I once went to my local Morrison's supermarket, on my own, with the intention of buying tights. I was hard before I even got into the store. I had to put my hand in my pocket to disguise the lump in my jeans. It was early in the morning so there were not many shoppers about and only 3 tills open. When I finally plucked up courage to stand right in the middle of the tights isle looking at tights my hands were shaking with fear and excitement. The fear was turning into sexual energy which was making the lump in my trousers even harder to disguise! I picked a pair of Pretty Polly tights and put them under a few things I'd already put in the basket just to hide them and not make it look so obvious that I was buying tights for myself. The next and hardest thing that was making me tremble with sexual fear was getting through the checkouts. There were 2 young ladies wearing trousers and one older lady maybe in her 50's that I'd seen tidying her checkout earlier who was wearing what looked like pearl coloured tights, it had to be her! I waited until her till had no one there then went for it and put my tights and few other items on the conveyor belt. I'll remember this for the rest of my life... the very first thing she said to me was ' are the tights for you love? ' She was joking of course (I think) she was chuckling to herself after she said it. I went bright red and joked back ' no they're not my size '. It's hard to explain but I'd rarely felt a sexual rush of fear like that before in my life! I wish to this day I'd have said ' yes they are, I cannot wait to get home and try them on ' but I was young and just my luck, it's never happened since. 

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  1. I love going into house of fraser and buying tights still, been going there for years and i still get a sexual rush!!