Sunday, 21 March 2010

Are my tights sniffing days over?

To me, sniffing worn/used ladies tights is one of the most harmless of sexual thrills there is. The female seller gets money for tights that may otherwise have been thrown in the bin and the buyer gets a pair of tights with the smell of the ladies vagina and feet that can help the buyer achieve many heightened orgasms, not just from the odour of the tights but from the thrill of waiting and opening the tights. Many times I myself have been hard all morning waiting for the postman to drop them through the door. I have silly and exciting thoughts like, has the postman scanned the contents of the soft package at the depot or worked out what they are just by experience and the feel of the tights through the envelope. I have even had tights posted where the brown envelope has been torn to reveal a peep at the tights through the transparent snappy bag inside.

The next thrill is opening the package on my computer desk and removing the tights from the airtight bag, sometimes I can still see where the ladies feet have stretched the tights out of shape. I have never really been one for stains, with me it's just the odour of the feet especially and then the vagina. I will leave the details of actually sniffing and masturbating using a pair of worn ladies tights for another blog entry. One thrill I have no covered is the sexual thrill of thinking "I should not be doing this", this guilt feeling only heightens my orgasms and adds to the overall tights sniffing experience.

I am afraid my tights sniffing days may be numbered though, which is such a shame. To be frank, dishonestly and greed have spoiled it all. You only have to look on Ebay to see all the men posing as female tights sellers, I bet there is less than 10% genuine tights sellers on Ebay and those that are will send you a new pair or a pair that does not remotely smell of her or anything. I have been sent brand new pairs of tights myself. The seller knows you will never complain or be able to tell anyone who could possibly do something about it because they are advertised as washed or new, so you are getting what the advert says, even though in private mails before hand the seller promises to fulfil your requests in full. I have even had readers of this blog offer me their wife's tights only to be ripped off again. It's the sheer disappointment (pardon the pun)  and dishonesty of it all rather than the money lost to be honest.

Over the years I have found a couple of honest genuine ordinary working ladies who have been very nice and sold me some great pairs of 'after work' tights. One of the ladies worked in a bank and the other worked in a supermarket. Over the years I have lost touch with those female friends and have never really found friends like that since. I am still on the lookout for that one genuine female seller but I fear it's all about making money with most people these days, however they can, and not about the fun of it all, friendship and the sexual thrill of the experience.

Thanks for reading this entry, please feel free to comment if you have had similar experiences or a story to tell on the subject.

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