Friday, 14 January 2011

ffinsytnap said...

the other day my wife was wearing a very short denim mini skirt,underneath she had leopardskin print panties and black tights over them.on her feet she had a brand new pair of boots.when she was driving the skirt kept riding up showing her panties and tights.also when getting out of the car,the view was similarly horny.she was dressed as such from 8am til midnight,when we went to bed and cuddled morning when i got up first,i lifted her tights and felt the toes area was hardened probably with dried sweat.i sniffed it and it was really lovely.a blend of fresh sweatiness,nylon and fresh leather.i went to work and thought about taking them from the laundry later to get me horny before going to bed,but sadly they were already in the washing machine,that lovely aroma being washed away.ah well next time i ll ask her to wear them to bed and i ll have fun with her nylon clad foot at my nose as i pump her senseless.


  1. we whent to a wedding yesterday and my wife wore 10 denier nude tights with a thin cotton gusset with out panties.i picked them up this morning when she went out and my god im so horny,the gusset has her pussy scent so strong and the tights are all streched and silky from the wearing them now and when i open my legs i get a wiff of her virgina.there was tights every were yesterday i can only dream of the other womens scents.women who wear tights dont know how sexy they are

  2. oh the smell in that crusty area of her stockinged foot !!!!! oh the mix of scents .... heart raising..... cum back!!!!